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Christmas Cheese Box

Only three cheeses but our ideal selection for Christmas Day and beyond.
A half of our mini Blue Stilton.(approx 1.3kg)  It is perfectly ripe and a great way to end the meal. Put it on the table at the end of lunch and let your guests spoon out the centre.
Vacherin Mont d’Or.( approx 500gms)  It is rich and creamy so you can scoop it out onto your plate. Medium sharp flavour with Spruce Bark at the edge.  It is also great cooked in the oven like a readymade Fondue. This is the special Christmas cheese in France and Switzerland
Finally a half of our favourite Glastonbury Cheddar Truckle.(approx 900gms)  This is the treat we wait for each year. Made in June it is full of flavour with a smooth creamy texture.

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