Cheese Wedding Cakes

A Cheese Wedding Cake makes an excellent change for those wanting something different and is ideal for people who do not like sweet or fruit cakes. Having a cake made from a series of cheeses enable you to keep the tradition of cutting the cake and serving it as part of the meal, perhaps with some special wines. Alternatively it makes a great buffet for evening guests. Below are just a few suggestions, endless combinations are possible, incorporating your favourite cheeses.

We can offer a range of cakes to cater from 20 to 200 and more. Just contact us to discuss your needs, likes and dislikes, and we can suggest a range of alternatives at prices to suit all pockets.

A Cake With Heart

This cake is made from a ripe pasteurised whole brie at the base then a whole young Duckets Caerphilly to give a contrasting flavour and texture. The third layer is a rich creamy Vignotte, topped with a Coeur d’ Neufchatel. To create a tiered effect, Crottin de Chavingnol goat cheeses support each layer.

A Cake With A Difference

An American style three layer cake with a base made from a whole Diana Smart Double Gloucester. To contract with the firm texture and full flavour next a creamy blue Cashel Blue and finally a soft sumptuous Charource. Decorated with ivy leaves, figs, grapes and tomatoes for a more individual touch.

Traditional Tiered Cake

This four tier cake has half a Mrs Appleby’s red Cheshire at its base, followed by half a young Wensleydale. Next, a great Glastonbury Farm Cheddar truckle topped off with a Loire Clochette goat cheese. Crottin de Chavingnol goat cheeses separate the tiers with traditional decorations complete the effect.

These are just a few suggestions. We are delighted to advise you on different ideas for decoration. All cheeses will be dispatched, wrapped and ready for you to assemble. They are sent by next day delivery courier service. We ask that you refrigerate them until the wedding day to ensure they are in the best possible condition when eaten. We hope that one of our Cheese Celebration Cakes will help make your special day even more memorable.