About Us

About UsWE SPECIALISE IN CHEESE………..AND ONLY CHEESE. We have detailed knowledge of our cheeses and they are our passion. We do not trade in other goods; we sell cheese – great cheese..

A family business established in 1970 by Bob Wesley to supply British and Continental farm cheeses, at a time when many of our ‘real’ cheeses were in danger of being lost because of the new found novelty of mass produced bland cheeses. We joined him in 1998 and have carried on ever since.

We also sell our cheese at Cambridge’s historic market and at selected Farmers Markets. This ensures that we discuss our cheeses with our customers and are therefore in touch with what the public expect. As we sell from these venues and not expensive shops we are able to keep our quality high and our prices low.

We have deliberately restricted our selection of cheeses to guarantee that we only provide the best quality cheese in the best possible condition. However because of our relationship with our producers we are sometimes able to offer a limited amount of unique cheeses. Please email us for our ‘bin end’ offers.

All our English cheeses are made in small quantities on farms which use their own milk or that of neighbouring farms.

We know our farmers personally and select the cheeses using our knowledge and their advice to make certain our customers only get served the best.

Cheeses are developed and matured according to traditional recipes, ripened by us at the correct temperatures thereby developing their full flavour and texture. They are tasted at various stages. Only when they are ready for your table do we release them for you to enjoy.

All our continental cheeses are purchased with the same high standards in mind, using fresh milk, no additives or preservatives and with no shortcuts in the making.